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How It Works?

What better way to get your message across than to say it in Chocolate! Select a High-Quality Chocolate gift from our wide range of Jj'S Haute Chocolat Chocolography ™ products. Customize your gift with your uploaded image, our clip art, frames, backgrounds and greetings.

Have a digital camera? Camera phone? It's fast and easy to upload your photos to Jj'S Haute Chocolat. Upload your image and choose from a wide array of personalization options or use our innovative Create it Yourself ™ application to create your own design!

Using your selections and a sophisticated suite of digital photo editing software, we then optimize your uploaded photo to create an eye-popping, high resolution masterpiece!

Finally, we print your fully personalized, unique image, text and/or design onto chocolate using our patented Chocolography Printing System ™. Anything you can see or say, we can reproduce on Chocolate!

We then carefully pack your item and ship it according to your preferences.

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